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Milly Canavero (20. Jh.)

  • Ohne Titel. Filzstift auf Papier, 1982
  • Ohne Titel. Filzstift auf Papier, 1985 (1)
  • Ohne Titel. Filzstift auf Papier, 1985 (2)
  • Ohne Titel. Filzstift auf Papier, 1986

Alle Bilder: © Elmar R. Gruber


In 1973, Milly Canavero was already an elderly lady from Genoa, Italy, who knew nothing about mediumship and parapsychology. A spirit medium revealed to her during a random encounter that she herself had psychic abilities. She began tentatively to experiment with automatic spelling and writing and received at first simple and then more complex philosophical texts.

Suddenly and without notice, her automatic productions changed at the end of 1976. A peculiar style developed rapidly and without her intellectual involvement. She began to produce automatic drawings. Her mediumistic images have only one subject, and yet they all differ from one another: they are abstract forms of straight and spiral lines, which are sometimes supplemented by ciphers. Milly Canavero considered the pictures, signed with a flower, to be messages of an extraterrestrial intelligence.

MClibroTechnically interesting is the fact that Milly Canavero produces all her geometrically precise pictures freehand, without ruler, a pair of dividers or other aids. She believes her drawings to reveal a fundamental law of human consciousness: the evolution towards higher spiritual realms. She interprets the strange cyphers that are mostly written in boxes resulting from the linear patterns as hieroglyphics of extinct languages. Often the images are accompanied by likewise automatically received poetic “transmissions”, which she writes down on the back of the sheets.