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Collection of Mediumistic Art

Mediumistic Art is mostly regared as a variety of what has been called Outsider Art or Art Brut, an art form of self-taught artists who, without artistic training, follow an inner impulse and at some point in their lives, often rather late, begin to paint or draw and create peculiar works of art that do not follow any models. They usually declare their works being produced spontaneously without their own conscious intervention by “automatic drawing” or “automatic painting”. Works of a number of these artists are prompted by explicit spiritual beliefs. They are called “mediumistic artists” and they regard their artwork as being not their own product, but the result of the intervention of otherworldly beings, spirits or deceased persons. They act like spiritist mediums and are of the opinion that the world beyond manifests itself through their creative expression. Many of these artists produce their work in some kind of altered state of consciousness, such as mediumistic trance.

There are many examples of mediumistic creations. Most are trivial and not worth looking at from the point of view of artistic merit. A few stand out from the crowd of uninspired works. These creations show an unconventional creativity; they are inspiring and sometimes of bizarre beauty. Their creators can rightly be described as mediumistic artists.

Over the years I have gathered a substantial collection of works of such mediumistic artists, a selection of which I am presenting here.

Noviadi Angkasapura
Frau Brakhan
Narciso Bressanello
Milly Canavero
Käthe Fischer
Madge Gill
Nina Karasek
Heinrich Nüsslein
Clara Schuff
Therese Vallent

angk150 nnfront bress canafront
Noviadi Angkasapura Frau Brakhan Narciso Bressanello Milly Canavero
fischer150a gill150 nk150b manani
Käthe Fischer Madge Gill  Nina Karasek MaNaNi
nuess150 schuff vallent150
Heinrich Nüsslein
Clara Schuff Therese Vallent