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  • Bomarzo: Entrance to the netherworld | Gigantic grotesque sculpture in the Sacro Bosco [Sacred grove] or Parco dei Mostri |Park of Monsters] built by Pier Francesco Orsini [1528–1588]
  • Cerveteri, Rome: Etruscan grave in the necropolis of the Banditaccia
  • Gallipoli, Apulia: Architectural detail
  • Gallipoli, Apulia: Street in the center
  • Gargnano, Brescia: East Asian statues in the garden of Lefay Resort
  • Gargnano, Brescia: Goat looking out from a window in the shed
  • Gargnano, Brescia: View of Lake Garda from Gargnano
  • Magasa, Brescia: Painted house in the center of the village
  • Magasa, Brescia: View of the village
  • Monreale, Sicily: Christ pantocrator in the apse of the cathedral Santa Maria Nuova
  • Monreale, Sicily: The cathedral Santa Maria Nuova
  • Monte Baldo seen accross the Lago di Garda from Navazzo
  • Mountain pass with Monte Baldo in the background
  • Outside wall at the Eremo di San Giacomo in Caselle, Ponte Caffaro
  • Palazzo dei Normanni 004
  • Palermo - Horse-drawn carriages in front of the Teatro Massimo
  • Palermo - Quattro Canti fountain
  • Palermo - Quattro Canti
  • Palermo, Sicily: Architectural detail of the cathedral
  • Palermo, Sicily: Detail of the cupola inside the cathedral
  • Palermo, Sicily: Inside the Capella Palatina
  • Palermo, Sicily: Palermo cathedral
  • Palermo, Sicily: Window and mosaics in the Capella Palatina
  • Palermo, Siciy: Poster on a wall in the Vucciria market
  • Ravenna: Mosaic of St. John the Baptist baptizing Jesus Christ | Cupola of the Neonian Bapistery, also known as the Orthodox Baptistery [5th century]
  • Rome: The Pantheon with its coffered, concrete dome, with a central opening [oculus], the Great Eye, open to the sky, built around 125 AD
  • Storo, Trento: Door to the Palazzo Bavaria
  • Storo, Trento: Palazzo Bavaria
  • Vallarsa, Trento: Detail of a village house in Valmorbia
  • Vallarsa, Trento: Eremo di San Colombano [Hermitage of St Columbanus] built in 1319
  • Vallarsa, Trento: In the streets of Valmorbia
  • Vallarsa, Trento: Window of a village house in Valmorbia
  • Valmorbia di Vallarsa, Trento: In the background Forte Pozzacchio, a mountain fortified during World War I
  • Valvestino, Brescia: Waterfall

All pictures: © Elmar R. Gruber