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ParaPictures Archive

Spirits and Mediums: Spiritistic Séances


  • Austrian medium Willi Schneider
  • Daniel Dunglas Home levitating
  • Elisabethan magician and alchemist John Dee
  • Eusapia Paladino: Frightened participant at a spiritist séance of medium Eusapia Paladino
  • Eusapia Paladino: Italian medium Eusapia Paladino using fraud to move a small table
  • Eusapia Paladino: Levitating table in a séance with Eusapia Paladino
  • Eusapia Paladino: Object levitating behind at a séance with Albert von Schrenck-Notzing in Munich, Germany
  • Eusapia Paladino: the Italian medium during a spiritist séance
  • Eva C. with materialized finger
  • Eva C.: Medium Eva C. producing ectoplasm
  • Eva C.: Schrenck-Notzing controlling medium Eva C. in Paris, France
  • John Dee and his medium Edward Kelley evoking a spirit
  • Linda Gazerra with supposed ectoplasmic phantom
  • Linda Gazerra: Ectoplasm showing up behind medium Linda Gazerra
  • Linda Gazerra: Medium with supposed phantom
  • Linda Gazerra: Participants making so-called spiritist chain in a séance with medium Linda Gazerra
  • Linda Gazerra: Supposed appearance of a phantom in a séance with Linda Gazerra
  • Scottish medium Daniel Dunglas Home with the cage under a table for preventing fraud
  • Spiritist séance with Willi Schneider
  • Stanislava P. producing ectoplasm from her mouth
  • Stanislava P. sitting in the spiritist cabinet and producing ectoplasm
  • Stanislava P. with ectoplasm sitting in the spiritist cabinet
  • Stanislava P. with ectoplasmic hand on the forehead
  • Stanislava P.: Ectoplasmic substance streaming from the mouth the medium
  • Stanislava Tomczyk moving a scale with supposedly materialized thread
  • Stanislava Tomczyk telekinetically moving a scale
  • Stanislava Tomczyk: A ball is being levitated by Polish medium Stanislava Tomczyk
  • Stanislava Tomczyk: Schrenck-Notzing watching the levitation of a spoon by Stanislava Tomczyk
  • Supposedly materialized object during a Séance with Roberto Setti in Italy
  • Victorian medium Henry Slade

All pictures: © Elmar R. Gruber