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ParaPictures Archive

The World of the Paranormal


  • A young Chinese medium trying to clairvoyantly perceive a message written on a paper and placed under her armpit
  • Australian psychic Peter Nelson trying to get paranormal impressions from a pre-Columbian artefact
  • Automatic writing using fingertips placed on a turned over glass, called Glasrücken in German
  • Brithish psychic researcher Renée Haynes
  • Caricature of the fraudulent medium Mr. Slade
  • Dowsing: A dowser in search of water
  • English psychic and healer Matthew Manning during a public demonstration of his healing abilities
  • Famed Dutch psychic Gerard Croiset explaining his visions to German Parapsychologist Prof. Hans Bender
  • Ghostly apparition: The White Lady
  • Italian psychic Marcello Creti with collection of semiprecious stones found by clairvoyance
  • Italian psychic and healer Nicola Cutolo applying psychic healing
  • Master Li Zhi Chang demonstrationg ancient Chinese art of Qi Gong
  • Mediumistic artist Zory Müller-Lovary at work
  • Mediumistic artwork by Narciso Bressanello
  • Metal bending: Deformed spoon by paranormal metal bending
  • Metal bending: Teenage paranormal metal bender from Rome, Italy
  • Metal bending: Young Spanish paranormal metal bender Monica Nieto
  • Paranormal photography: Apparition of an angel-like form on film, captured by Swiss psychic Silvio M
  • Peruvian Psychic healer Ivan Trilha during one of his spectacular performances of psychic surgery
  • Poltergeist investigation: Registration of anomalous temperature drop
  • Prof. Hans Bender interviewing dentist Kurt Bachseitz, who was in the center of a fraudulent poltergeist case
  • Prof. Hans Bender, leading German researcher in parapsychology
  • Psychic healing by laying on of hands
  • Psychic using a pendulum to find missing person
  • The Belmez Faces: Famous unexplained appartion of faces on the walls of a Spanish farmhouse
  • The human aura: Painting by American psychic Ingo Swann
  • The shaman's flight. Drawing by an Eskimo shaman
  • Thoughtography: American psychic photographer Ted Serios during a pause at an experimental session
  • Thoughtography: Paranormal photo of a cupola produced by Amreican psychic Ted Serios
  • Umberto di Grazia, an Italian psychic, at an Etruscan site, which he had clairvoyantly discovered

All pictures: © Elmar R. Gruber