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Signed Books by Elmar R. Gruber

In my private stock I have a few specimens of almost all of my books. Many of them are now out of print. Copies of a few editions in foreign languages are also still available.

You can order copies of these books personally signed and provided with a dedication. Go to the page of the books on the website and select there the book of interest. The description page of each book comes with an order button. On the order form you can specify whom the book should be dedicated.

If you are interested in several books on a similar topic, you can also order signed bundles with personal dedications.

This offer is valid only as long as there are copies in my stock. Since I have only very few copies of some books, it may happen that ordered books are no longer available. Unfortunately I cannot provide books that do not come with an order button.

All foreign language editions of each title are shown on the pages of books. If you are interested in a signed copy in one of these other languages, please send me an e-mail. I will promptly inform you if a copy is available or not.