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Selected Works

My artwork is an exploration of a visual language for transpersonal and spiritual experiences. It is an attempt to express the workings of an invisible reality in time and space.

In an article I once wrote: "Expressing what cannot be expressed, the representation of the formless, has always been the subject of art. Art feeds on the spiritual, on that which has not penetrated into visibility. Even where art does not deny its representational character, it is never about representation of what is perceptible to the senses. Rather, it is always a vehicle to provide an expression for the all-encompassing spiritual realm present in humans. In an artwork, the spiritual transport, which is a result of an inner encounter between the artist and his subject, coagulates to a hieroglyph. Every true work of art is the invention of a new language for the ineffable."

Eerly Works
Faces | Figures
Happy Mutants
Transreligious Imagery
Recent Works
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Early Works Ethnographica Faces | Figures Happy Mutants
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Phantastica Transreligious Imagery  Recent Works